Installation Problem in following packages

  1. atom-beautify
  2. atom-ternjs
  3. emmet
  4. css-lint
  5. pigments
  6. language-ejs

Anybody can suggest me any solution for this problem & this problem is occurring in my Mac.

What problem?

Problem is that when I am clicking on the “install” the it’s just showing “installing” but actually it’s not. Internet connectivity is very god and other packages are installing within seconds but these above mentioned are not.
These above packages are important for my Atom but I am facing problem during installation, please let me know why this problem is occurring and what will the best solution according to you>
Thanks & Regards

Ok. If you do it on the command line, e.g., apm install emmet, do you see anything happening?

This is showing me:–
-bash: apm: command not found

To get the command line atom and apm tools working, follow this section.

Alternatively, on the Atom menu / tool bar, under Atom there should be an option to install shell commands.

This won’t be the cause of your issue, it’s just that doing it on the command line can show more details than just the UI button.

Thanks for your support sir!