Installation of packages failing


I just installed Atom on a new machine, and I’m not able to install any package. Searching for a package works, but installing throws a network 503.


gyp info it worked if it ends with ok
gyp info using node-gyp@2.0.2
gyp info using node@0.10.40 | darwin | x64
gyp http GET
gyp http 503
gyp WARN install got an error, rolling back install
gyp ERR! install error 
gyp ERR! stack Error: 503 response downloading
gyp ERR! stack     at Request.<anonymous> (/Applications/
gyp ERR! stack     at Request.emit (events.js:117:20)
gyp ERR! stack     at Request.onRequestResponse (/Applications/
gyp ERR! stack     at ClientRequest.emit (events.js:95:17)
gyp ERR! stack     at HTTPParser.parserOnIncomingClient (http.js:1689:21)
gyp ERR! stack     at HTTPParser.parserOnHeadersComplete [as onHeadersComplete] (http.js:122:23)
gyp ERR! stack     at Socket.socketOnData (http.js:1584:20)
gyp ERR! stack     at TCP.onread (net.js:528:27)
gyp ERR! System Darwin 14.5.0
gyp ERR! command "/Applications/" "/Applications/" "install" "--target=0.30.7" "--dist-url=" "--arch=x64" "--ensure"
gyp ERR! cwd /Users/boopathi.rajaa/.atom
gyp ERR! node -v v0.10.40
gyp ERR! node-gyp -v v2.0.2
gyp ERR! not ok


Hitting that URL gives,

URL redirected to (

I’ll fix it from my-side