Installation Issue on Windows 10 new

Please help i am unable to install the Atom application. It is showing and error and is telling to contact the creator.

What error, can you make a screenshot?

Yes, Thank You for the quick response.

If you see on the top. The app is not installed plus it is not showing in Start of windows.

I just want to work on React and JavaScript please help.

What do you mean it is not installed, did you just download a release from github?

I installed from its website, i installed the setup but still it is not installed in my laptop.

That’s weird because I installed Atom today on a fresh installed Windows 10 machine and everything works fine.

Yeah, weird because my laptop is weird. Low on processing and unable to perform tasks, i think its a problem from my end.

But, i want to install Atom as soon as possible. What should i do? Please help.

Can you also recommend me, it is easy to install atom but i cannot understand maybe i am doing something wrong probably not. But still please provide your help.

You see i dont have A for Atom in my start menu.

Because it is under “G” for github :wink:

No it is not under G for github

Okay then I don’t know because it was under “Github” in the Windows installation I had, am on Linux now so can’t help. Maybe someone knows what is happening here?

Hope someone can help

Good information keep sharing