Installation: how to setup with Ionide


Hello there! I’m beginning programmer, and I’m having problems using Atom on windows 10: i have installed Ionide to work with F#; but now there doesn’t seem to be anything or anywhere that I can compile my file; the is no build or no run; i think it has to do with setting up environment variables and i dont’ know if I’m doing it right.
In the config.cson it say this:
userId: "0f84f24f-bc36-e5dd-66bd-12737baebdd7"
“ionide-fsi”: {}
showOnStartup: false

Thankyou for your help :slight_smile:


ok so, i found out if I click Ctrl shift P, I can find F# interactive window… but what if I want to compile an simple code say printfn “helloworld”, how do i do this?


You may want to see the FAQ for suggestions: