Installation failed, cant find anything similar to this error


Whenever i try to install Atom the installer fails. I tried googling the problem and some keywords from the installation log, but I found nothing. It’s as if noe one else has had this problem. It seems to have something to do with Discord, but I don’t know. It is mentioned multiple times in the installation log. I’m running Windows 10 64-bit. I tried redownloading the installer but that didn’t help. I also tried running the installer with admin privileges but that didn’t help either.

Here is the installation log.

Hope someone can help me. I really want to try this editor, it looks really good.


Squirrel (the software that handles automatic updates) seems to be getting confused by the presence of Discord (another Electron app which may also leverage Squirrel for updating, and that could be cause for confusion, maybe). Try downloading the ZIP file. At the very least, you can use Atom until someone with more Squirrel expertise can help you figure out why the program isn’t working as expected.


There is a FAQ specifically for Windows installation problems. Have you tried the steps it suggests?


Disable your antivirus while installing Atom. If that doesn’t work, then the path is too long and you’ll have to use the zipped version instead, which @DamnedScholar linked to.