Install search results appear in reverse order


As of Atom 24 (and 25 beta), search results for Install in Preferences seem to be sorted by relevance-ascending, in instead of descending order.
To reproduce:

  • paste the exact name of a package or theme into Install search
  • expected result: that package appears at top of results
  • actual result: that package appears as the last item in the results


I cannot reproduce this. Have you got any specific examples where it fails? Are you doing this in safe mode?

For example, it worked fine when I used language-latex.

Edit: I could do this with the search term Hydrogen. The actual package named Hydrogen would appear 6th on the list. Maybe it only affects featured packages?


my bad – appears this only applies to searches for themes, and then not all.

For example, search on the drwtheme posted yesterday. For me it shows up as result number 30