Install packages completely offline


Hi all,

I saw this question was asked at least few times but the provided answers did not helped me so far.

My situation: No Internet Access on VM

What I did:

  • Download Package (jshint for example)
  • Extract it to ~.atom\packages

the packages are visible and activated inside of atom. Atom has been restarted. I receive the following error:
cannot find module 'event-kit'.

I also tried to run apm install inside of the extracted package.

it tells me that the command will run with ok if everything is right and in the next line it says:
gyp info
That is all.

I’m using Windows Server 2012 R2.

Does anybody have another idea?



Do you have internet access when running apm install?


No. Not at all.


The easy way to do it is to download any packages you need to a computer running the same version of Node and the same OS, then copy the whole .atom/packages directory over to your VM. The hard way to do it is to look in a package’s package.json and find each and every module they require (such as event-kit), then install them all manually.


The easy way is not so easy, if you can not send files through email nor use a usb stick nor use any cloud storage hoster. :wink: But somehow I will manage to do that. Thxs! By the way: Pretty fast reply! Amazing!


If the person who set up the machine has deliberately made it impossible to transfer data to or from it, that means it’s a work server where you have access to the keyboard and monitor, but nothing else. So the tech who set it up would have installed their preferred code editor on it. You should ask the person with permission to access it, because it’s clear that you’re not supposed to put anything on it. Unless you still have CD access, in which case the easy way is still easy.