Install Package need show percent bar


when I install a package , there is no percent bar ,so I don’t know when the package is install success , atom need it


The progress bar is a good idea, can you open an issue here?

If you just want to know when a package is installed:


I add a issue here

I used atom just two hours, it’s package manage idea is better than sublime
font end coder will love this editor.


The package is Installed through APM(NPM), and some packages have dependencies.
How to calculate the percent?


A package need B,C,D,E package
1.calc all need to download package size
totalSize = sum(B,C,D,E) download when B is loaded percent grow size(B)
percent bar is a progress bar


This is a recursive calculation.
Maybe, there are other ways.

A need B
B need C 


Maybe just an animated icon would be enough to make it clearer that something is happening?


I agree. Rather than going the mile and calculating the time and rendering it on a progress bar, perhaps a spinning icon would suffice. I’m not an advocate for a progress bar merely because I don’t believe it would work with the current package UX. I would suggest that the devs keep the spinning icon, and perhaps add an estimated wait time. Eg, (2m) for two minutes left and (30s) for thirty seconds left.

But the end result is still the same. There should be an indication to know how long the installation will take.


Or even if it was just a “Step 1 of 5” kind of thing that didn’t necessarily reflect a percentage …


Indeed! I imagine this would be easier for devs to program and it’s still a decent amount of information to gauge how long the install will take.