Install package from a specific GitHub branch


I’m not so great with the apm commands just yet, but it looks like apm develop clones the current code from a GitHub repository and then links it so I can run the package through Atom. So…

Is it possible to use apm develop (or a similar command) to clone a particular git branch when downloading/linking the package?

For example, I’m working on Usually when I work on changes I have to edit my files in .atom/packages/termination, test those, and then merge or copy my changes into my git master branch, and then push the code to GitHub. (Usually from here I then apm publish the package and then test again, but it struck me as I’m typing that I could probably use apm develop for better testing).

But I’d really like to not commit code onto master before I’m sure it’s good. In this case, could I commit the code to a branch, push the branch to GitHub, and then use apm develop to fetch the code from the remote branch rather than from master?



  1. By default, Git clones all remote branches
  2. apm develop clones and symlinks the package

You can use git checkout [branch name] to switch the package to the desired branch after you’ve run apm develop.


Great - thanks! :slight_smile: