Install electron without github

Hello. I am on a VPN that doesn’t allow access to outside sites, and I’m trying to install electron. We have an internal file store that has an electron tgz file, but inside that file is only the following: cli.js, electron.d.ts, index.js, install.js, license, package.json, and When I do an “npm install electron” it tries to install from that local store but can’t get off network to download the required binaries. I think what I need is a way to install electron completely locally, or I can get the files myself from github, put them in our file store, then install from there. I found this link ( which talks about mirror sites and cache, but it doesn’t go into details on how exactly to set the correct variables, or what files are needed. Can someone please help me?

Hello, did you find a solution?

Can’t you just download it as a zip or tar file from github then extract it into your directory on your work machine? Although if npm can’t access the internet it won’t be able to download all the dependencies.

Electron on its own doesn’t do much. If you’re okay with that, maybe take a look at this (ideally not on your work VPN) and see if it meets your needs?

Best regards.

P.S. if you want to download plain old Electron, this release page may be of interest to you: