Install autocomplete-plus providers - errr, how?


I can’t find a guide anywhere for installing autocomplete-plus providers. I’m relatively new to Atom (couple of months or so) and often find the package finder doesn’t always behave/find what I expect but wherever autocomplete-plus providers are mentioned, there’s no easily-findable explanation about how to install them at all.


Your first link, the repository, does link to a long list of providers:

Scroll down and search the Provider column of that table.
For example, if I want one for Hack, I select this one:

That leads you to that “provider”'s package (because it’s all just packages), so here I know I have to search autocomplete-hack, either via apm or in the Settings GUI
However, the easiest to do is to search for packages in Atom, typing the prefix ‘autocomplete’… as most of them should start this way.


Thanks - that’s good info, and should be included somewhere in that repo, even if it’s obvious to regular users. But some of the grammars in that table have no provider e.g. HTML (Mustache) - does that mean there isn’t one available yet?


It means no one had the need or time to create an autocomplete provider for it, yet.
If you’d like to try one, they say this is the place to start:

Note that this Autocomplete suite of packages has only been bundled with Atom veeery recently. It was a community-driven package for most of Atom’s existence. So, like most packages, it really depends on people who need something that isn’t there, to make it happen.


Got it. If it becomes that pressing, I’ll take a look :slight_smile: