Install Atom on Windows with Scoop


What do you think the scoop? I put it cool in the project README (Atom)


Looking at it the first thing that jumps out to me is that scoop is asking me to change me execution policy to the least secure one to “enable powershell”, surely scoop should be signing its powershell scripts?

Plus Atom has its own Windows installer we don’t need a 3rd party to provide a “windows port” of the software.


But looking at the side of organization and management software it falls nicely. It’s not just an installer.


So Chocolatey is also only an installer :expressionless:


Chocolately is a package manager. An installer doesn’t store programs to be downloaded.

IMHO Chocolately is a crappy installer. When I had to use it for Atom I had a lot of problems. It crashed all the time. The Atom installer is better now but still sucks. Squirrel violates many windows standards and is a pain to use. There is zero visibility as to what is going on.

Maybe I’m just hard to please. (grin)


I know, I used Chocolatey and did not like.

I was just making a comparison with Chocolatey and Scoop. I’m not a total user Windows, but when I need to use it to install or upgrade something Scoop use that is simple and friendly


@Arcath: We’ll look into signing the scripts. The point of Scoop is that you don’t need to be an Administrator to install any of the applications, and it avoids polluting your PATH.

It works similar to Homebrew (but not compiling from source). Atom is installed by downloading the release zip, extracting it, then “shimming” the atom executable and apm into a directory already in your PATH.

It is not a port, merely a current user installation of Atom from the official release zip.


I would prefer a standard Windows installer such as NullSoft or something. Of course it doesn’t come with a nice auto-updater, but it would use the proper installation paths and make it more intuitive for Win users.

And I’m not worried about the UAC popups etc, it’s part of the Windows experience so I’d live with it when I’m on a Win machine.


I would prefer anything that isn’t squirrel.