Install atom on opensuse Leap 15


g day dear experts - wanna install atom on opensuse Leap 15
Intended usage: i want to have a headstart into Python.
Which pakages and addons would you take?

Love to hear from you
BTW; - For a installation in openSuse 42.3 - i guess there is many many good ideas here.
Are there certain packages that you would use especially for the Installation in openSuser 42.3 ?

I cant wait to start with ATOM; :wink:


Atom’s user experience is pretty consistent across platforms. I don’t know anything about openSUSE, but for Python I’ve gotten a lot of use out of magicpython, which includes an upgrade from Atom’s built-in highlighting. For running scripts, I use process-palette (which allows me to configure environment, CWD, and outputs, then run the script as an Atom command that can be given a keybinding or menu entry) and flex-tool-bar (where I put buttons that reference process-palette commands). To navigate between my different projects, I use project-viewer, and that’s about all the interface I really want out of an editor. On the occasion that I have to FTP or SFTP into a remote server, there’s atom-commander. Everything else I do on the command line, for which I think that modern terminal emulators (like cmder, hyper, and domterm) are generally more fun to work and more extensible with than the packages currently available.