Inspect Element View font is very^2 small


Linux Mint 17.1, display screen size 1600x900.
I installed hidpi package on Atom ( v 0.207.0 ) to get a viewable
font size in Settings and Welcome views.
When I right clicked on those pages and select Inspect Element,
the Inspect Element ( DeveloperTool ) view (a new tab) is very tiny.

Here is a screenshot for relative comparison.
The Inspect Element (on right side, white background) is for
the adjacent tab view, Settings, if I recall.

It looks like the Inspect Element font size is 4x smaller than the Settings view.

Can this be fixed?

Anyway to theme DEV Console of atom?

I already answered your question on the other topic where you originally asked it. There is a topic that discusses how to theme the Developer Tools here:

Closing this as duplicate. Please continue the conversation on the topic above.

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