Inline CoffeeScript within HTML


Sublime, both ST2 and ST3, do not recognize CoffeeScript script tags within HTML files.

TextMate does, switching to the CS editing plugin while within

<script src="coffee-script.js"></script>
<script type="text/coffeescript">

Does Atom support inline CoffeeScript, via coffee-script.js, within HTML?


I looks like the text inside the script tag is parsed as Javascript. But since Atom uses TextMate grammars it should be possible to port this feature to Atom.


OK so a “tmbundle” is all I need? Can you point me to how to configure a new tmbundlel into Atom? I bet its in the docs and I’m missing it, but being lazy, would love a pointer!

Thanks a bundle … er … a lot!

– Owen


Have a look at this doc I think that should help.