Injected CSS with CSS Grid properties won't work


Electron Version: 1.7.9
Operating System: RHEL 7

Hi, recently I tried to inject Some CSS using insertCSS into a webview but it’s not getting injected as expected. I’m sure that injection is happening but only CSS Grid styles are not parsed properly.
For example, the following CSS:

@media(min-width: 660px) {
  .main-nav {
    grid: 1fr / 100px 1fr 400px;

was converted like this:


Any help is appreciated, Thanks.


I see they closed your issue here:

It looks to me like this is possibly a legitimate bug. If you can create a minimal case that demonstrates the bug (like take the default electron app and add the insertCSS code to show the problem) then open a new bug on GitHub. You will have better luck getting attention to this.


Does it work when you don’t inject it? Trying to remember which version of Chrome was shipped with 1.7.9 as CSS Grid support was only added in 57 as far as I remember (unless you enable the experimental Web Platform features).


1.7.9 ships with Chromium 58 and grid works fine in it in my experience.