Infloop in settings


It took me a while to report this because I spent too much time in the infloop…

So I go to the list of installed packages or themes. It shows a little box for each one, and there are buttons in the box, and one of the buttons is “Settings”. Let’s say I’m looking at “center-line” (because it’s the alphabetically first package that doesn’t actually have settings in my installation). So there is a Settings button. It looks beautiful. I click it.

Alright! I land on the page that’s dedicated to the center-line package. At the top of the page there is the same little box with buttons that I had already seen before, in the list of packages. (The box contains a button “Settings”.) Below that box is a row of buttons, and I note that “Settings” is not one of them. (But “Report Issue” and “View Code” are.)

Below that button row is a list of keybindings.

But there are no settings to be seen here. Hm. But wait! There is a button for me to go to the settings. It looks beautiful. I click it.


The settings button does look beautiful indeed :smile:

But you can hide it and be sad :frowning: Put

.settings-view .installed-package-view .btn.icon-gear {
  display: none;

in your styles.less


That’s a nice idea. However, WIBNI the list of packages / themes omitted the settings button if there are no settings? Especially for themes, I keep clicking this button, but most themes do not have settings…


That’s a good point. Would like to see that as well!