Infinite Loop Update for Mac


Atom seems to be stuck in an infinite upgrade loop. I’m currently using v 0.162.0. Atom is downloading the update and then under the menu states when to Restart and Install Update. When I click it Atom will quit and after a time (small interval) comes back but never has asked for my password to install the update. I’m on the same version and the update begins to download again.

Any suggestions. If helpful, the user account is not the admin account, but typically if it were to ask for my password I would be able to give the admin account credentials with no issue. The problem is that I’m not being asked for anything.


This happens to me when I have other Atom instances open. I’m not on a Mac right now, so this will be from memory. Right click the Atom icon on the dock and choose “Close All”. Open Atom. Wait until the Atom menu gives you an option to “Install and Restart” and click it. Wait until Atom updates and opens a new window and it should be updated.


Same happens on Atom 1.0, I also work on non-admin account in OS X 10.10.5. And I can tell that every time I want to update Atom I had to download the full version, unzip and replace.

I will try @dsandstrom suggestion, but right now my version of Atom is up-to date (1.0.19 if that matters)


Same here (1.0.16) autoupdates (1.0.19 should be available), I restart to “install update”–actually no restart happens, it just quits, after start I am back at 1.0.16.


The only thing I can think of is that my user account is not the administrator account. I am able to have that stop by creating an Applications folder in my user home and install it there. This allows me to update. I think somehow it should ask for administrator privileges so that the user can enter it that information in. But this works and I’m able to upgrade when a new version is available.