Indexing files over sshfs


Hi, I’m working on a project which is mounted over ssh. The indexing of the project takes extremely long and sometimes doesn’t finish at all (I’m not able to fuzzy search). It works fine w/ sublime text. Is there a package or tweak to increase the indexing speed ? Thanks,



Similarly, in Ubuntu, mounting ssh/sftp with gvfs and opening as a folder in atom results in very long delays. It seems relative to the speed of the connection and the number/type of files, but even with a small CMS project, I’m sometimes waiting more than twenty and even more than ninety seconds, which means I’m not going to be using atom for that project. This is with all extra packages disabled. The delay is incurred by tree-view. Also, the longer the tree-view delay, the longer I’m waiting to switch between tabs or even wait for the window to redraw when editing code. It seems like tree-view wants to constantly touch the fs, even when the user isn’t saving or managing any files.


Thought It would be worth bumping this post to see if there has been any resolution to this ?

Also is there any way to maintain the index rather than rebuilding each time the project is opened ?


Reviving old post as it was never answered addressed. Just downloaded latest and see the same thing.

What is happening when ‘indexing’ happens? In theory, it should just need to get a file list. Is it doing something more ?