Index symbols using syntax files?


Using ctags to index symbols so clunky that I don’t bother anymore. It also misses 90% of the interesting symbols, such as functions defined like so:

obj {
  name: function() { ... }

The ctags project is not easy to hack and is never going to keep up with all of the new syntax packages created for Atom.

Is it possible to generate the index using syntax files? I assumed Sublime Text does this because it uses a naming convention that identifies symbols.

Does GitHub have plans for improving symbol generation or is this left to the community? It would help if people knew how to plan for this.


For now we plan on using ctags. But we welcome any contributions to!


I’ve just published the Goto package which uses Atom syntax files instead of ctags. It also keeps the symbol index up to date with editor changes though also provides a Rebuild Index command if needed.

I would be interested in merging it into symbols-view, but I’m not sure what would be required.