Index.html when opened doesn't show the code I wrote



I created an index.html page ( as well as a style.css page) and wrote code in it. When I open index.html with a browser (Chrome, Opera, etc) some of the code doesn’t show up. For example, images don’t display. The image is saved in the same folder as the index.html file. Fontello icons are not showing up either and I followed a tutorial on youtube how to import them so I know I’m doing it right.

Can someone please help?

I really want to create a website but I can’t. The same thing happens with Notepad++, Brackets and of course Atom.


Not unless you show us your code. That’s 100% of the issue and it’s impossible to give you feedback if you don’t give us anything to see.


If you install the package php-server (assuming that you have PHP installed) your index.html will launch in browser on port 8000.

Packages > PHPServer > Start in folder of current file (e.g. index.html).

Importantly Atom gives a list of errors when encountered such as icons not found.


It’s not necessary to run a server in order to view an HTML page, and php-server is a niche package that’s mostly useful if you use PHP. atom-live-server would be a better option, but also unnecessary.


I can only add that I have tried both packages and I find that php-server is more useful for logging errors in the console. I do not use atom-live-server. Server packages come in useful when accessing multiple assets.