Indentation Width vs Tab Width


Hi All,

I’m currently trying to figure out how to distinguish tab width from indentation width in Atom. In a variety of editors (kate, visual studio, jedit) there is an indentation width that is distinctly different from the tab width. See image below (from Kate settings).

The difference between the two is as follows.

  • Tab width: is used when displaying hard tab characters
  • Indent width: is used when a level of indent is to be added or removed

Ultimately my aim is to set my tab width to 8 and my indent width to 2 in Atom (just like in the image above actually)

Any ideas would be appreciated


Yep, would appreciate this too. I’m working with code written in vim right now, it’s indented the same way: 2 spaces per level, indented with tabs where possible (assumed 8 spaces per tab). Messy, sure, but have no influence over that.


At this point, Atom doesn’t have a separate concept for tab width versus indentation width. And indentation is either all hard tabs or all soft tabs.


I would very much appreciate this too. Reading a lot of legacy code written with hardtabs and tabsize 8, while our new code standard enforces tabsize 4 and spaces only. Currently I have to switch back and forth… Painful!


Any plans of implementing something like this?