Indentation key shortcut not working?


Hi there,

I am selecting my text and trying the following: “cmd + ]” to indent my text, but it is not working.

Is there something I am doing wrong?



Have you opened the Keybinding Resolver Cmd+. to see what Atom thinks you’re typing?


Well, I’m typing [cmd + option + 9]. The [option + 9] creates a “]”, so technically I am pressing [ cmd + ] ].

And its not working :confused:


I understand my problem now. The Key Binding Resolver is telling me that Atom is detecting my typing as if I was on a US keyboard, I am not.

How can I change this?


I suspect you’re running into:

You should also be able to use TAB to indent selected lines and Shift+TAB to unindent.


Yes, but is very different from using the “cmd + ]”

Is this issue being addressed in the near future?


I am not an employee of GitHub nor a member of the Atom team, so I can’t comment on timelines or plans other than what has been communicated in the bug itself. I suggest subscribing to the Issue.