Indentation Issue with brackets


Hi All, I’ve just stumbled upon Atom and am REALLY liking it. However there is one matter that is particularly confusing to me and that is how it handles indentation. I’m looking at some javascript that I wrote with the Kate editor and, in certain instances particularly with brackets, I seem to be missing tabs. See the highlighted text in the image below to see what I’m talking about.

Atom.png1600x830 144 KB

I also examined this with both nano and gedit in addition to kate and they both displayed the correct number of tabs. What might be going on here?


Do you mean it’s literally missing tab characters?

As for why it’s doing that, IDK. Can you post the source as text (wrapped in ```; look at the preview window before submitting) so I can try it myself? Just a minimal example will still demonstrate the issue is fine.


If you turn on the Show Invisibles settings in both Atom and Kate, you should be able to see exactly where all the tab characters are. If you post side-by-side screenshots of that block of code in both editors with invisibles showing, I think we can get to the bottom of this.