Indent disappears on second newline


I’m not sure if this is the expected behavior, but I hadn’t noticed it until I updated to 1.1.0 today and I’d like to change it if possible. What I am seeing is this:

If I hit enter once I get a newline (call it ‘line 1’) with the same indent level as the previous line (call it ‘line 0’). However, if I hit enter a second time, the auto-indent disappears from line 1.

I would like the indent level to be preserved for all subsequent newlines until I change it. If indents are created with the tab key, they persist indefinitely.

  • Auto Indent is on
  • Soft Tabs is on
  • Tab Type is auto
  • atom 1.1.0 for Debian (xubuntu)
  • tried standard debugging steps (renaming storage directory and config.cson, opening with --safe)

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!