Incremental build?


I’m editing the atom source, and when I want to try it out I run script/build according to the instructions. This build always seems to take ages, though, and all I’ve changed are some .coffee files. Is there any way to just load the new files without going through the whole build process?


See this topic for suggestions on alternate ways of working with changing Atom’s code:


This is a known shortcoming of Grunt (which Atom uses for its build tool) – it doesn’t do incremental builds very well. There is grunt-newer, but Grunt by design doesn’t support streaming so it requires making a bunch of temp files to do a lot of tasks, which makes it kinda slow. If we wanted incremental builds, we’d either have to wait for the mythical next version of Grunt to be released (which would support streams) or switch to a different build tool: either Gulp (Gulp is all about streams) or Broccoli (Broccoli was pretty much made to handle incremental builds).

In the meantime though it might be worth the Core team investigating using grunt-newer for incremental builds.


Thanks for the link! I knew the thread had to exist but I must have been using the wrong search terms. :slight_smile: