Increasing size of .../Users/.../Local/atom due to old versions



today I found out that a lot of disk space is used by …/Users/…/Local/atom (~4GB).
I have some plugins installed but not that much so I looked it up and found several folders
like app-1.18.0 with version numbers of past versions. Now i thought ok, older versions which can probably safely be
deleted. So I tried removing the older ones which in some way rendered me unable to start atom from the remaining
1.19.6 version. So I used the backed up files to restore the initial state. Still not able to start Atom via …/Users/…/Local/atom/Atom.exe. Atom remained startable via powershell though which i found out started version 1.19.5; which then automatically updated to 1.19.6 again. After that Atom was startable as usual.

First thing: how is this behaviour explainable?
Second and more important: is there any significant part of those 4GB which can be safely deleted?

I really like my Atom but I can’t believe those 4 Gig are really needed to keep it running.

If any further information is needed I will try to provide it.

Best wishes,


Same issue here. My atom folder is over 7Gb and has 10+ folders for old versions… Anyone figured this out?


Just to clarify: this is using Windows OS, yes? What version?
The Windows installer uses Squirrel (last I checked) so you might get some help at


@interbiznw can you confirm what version of Atom you’re updated to? There was a bug where old versions weren’t getting cleaned up but that should be fixed in 1.21:

Large amount of disk space for undeleted old versions

Yes, windows, and yes confirmed fixed after it updated the other night to 1.21 the folders disappeared


Great thanks for confirming @interbiznw :bow: @Wolfone, can you confirm how things are looking for you if you’ve updated to 1.21?