Incorrect highlighting ("invalid syntax")


I’m seeing a weird error in some game files I’m doing some editing on. In some of the files, a single quote symbol will toggle highlighting.

Looking at the dev tools, the character after a single quote is showing up as “invalid syntax.” For example, look at the “s” on line 984 in this screenshot.

The file in question is at, if that helps.

I’m running Win7, with the standard Atom packages.

Thank you.


Where does it start for you in the file?


I see it is everywhere where a single quote ' is used.
For example do not written as don't in example:

Even (standard) vsCode has an issue… there it is even worse. Syntax colouring doesn’t look well there either.

Perhaps the following web search is helpful?..

Is the text preceded by -- meant as commentary; instead if using the standard // ?


Line 222 - right after the single quote in “Don’t”:

			return true -- I am okay. Don't need to set up a new job; but you are doing an okay job in the tree right now.


Thank you for the search link regarding the Go language; that’s very helpful.

I think you’ve solved this problem. The file does indeed use – instead of // for inline commentary. I’m thinking of just doing a global replace to fix it.

Thanks again.