Inconsistent behavior from double-click drag-select


If I double-click a word, drag my mouse down to the next line, and then return my mouse to its original position, I’m selecting the word I double-clicked, as it should be. But if I double-click, then drag up to the previous line, then back to where I started, I find that my double-click selection has expanded to the left. See this GIF:

This is with --safe enabled. Possibly related to this.


I think this is a combination of two different problems.

First, double-click drag-select (DCDS) doesn’t understand the grammar of HTML, so it’s misunderstanding which characters are word separators. In the following example, it treats .</ as a single word.

Second, DCDS’s behavior changes depending on cursor movement. It can lose its dedication to selecting whole words instead of just characters. Example:


Somehow the behavior described here is not working anymore. When I move my mouse cursor slowly like in the second example by @DawnPaladin, it won’t select single characters.


I’m not able to reproduce that anymore either. I guess that’s fixed! :white_check_mark: The problem in the original post is fixed too!

I am still seeing the second problem I reported. .</ still gets treated as a single word.