Inconsistent behavior between git bash and Atom's git integration


Hi All,

I am running Atom v1.35.1 on Windows 10. I have Git Bash v2.21.0. SSH authentication against a remote Git repo functions in Git bash, clone/push/pull functions. Not so much in Atom. I am able to commit within Atom to local repos however when I try to push a committed change to a remote I get the error “No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)”. I suppose that somehow Atom is does not able to use the SSH key that Git Bash does. What should I do?


Try using git from the normal command prompt shell instead of git bash, since that’s the environment in which Atom is using git. Git bash emulates some Linux features and it’s possible that there could be different outcomes based on different configurations (I don’t know for sure, because I only ever use git through ConEmu, which is closer to cmd than bash).

I’ve also edited your title so that it makes sense.


Thanks for your reply and for the edit of the subject. I get the same error in the Windows cmd prompt when trying to push to origin, so I suppose that Windows is not loading my SSH key. This seems odd since “ssh -T git@github.” shows that I’m authenticating. Though it’s not really an Atom issue, any ideas?


I use OpenSSH, which includes SSH key management for Windows. Git bash is managing keys for you, and has its own ssh, but you can only use it through the pseudo-Linux environment created by git bash. Atom has no way of seeing the information inside git bash.