Incompatible native module


I’m seeing this error when trying to active my package git-blame in development mode on Atom 1.0.19. The package is linked via apm link to my .atom/packages directory.

Failed to require the main module of 'git-blame' because it requires an incompatible native module.
Run `apm rebuild` in the package directory to resolve.

How can i get more information on this error? Is there a way i can see what packages it depends on that are incompatible?

apm rebuild and apm update have not fixed the problem.


apm rebuild from command line didnt work. But clicking on the red “bug” icon in bottom right in Atom and clicking rebuild fixed the problem.


When you executed apm rebuild were you in the package directory?


yes I was in my code directory ~/dev/git-blame which is symlinked to .atom/packages/git-blame.


Weird, from what I understand the UI just calls apm rebuild.


hmm. I figured they’d do the same, but the error did not go away after rebuilding from command line. maybe Atom didnt pick up knowledge of the rebuild.

Can’t repro again now that i’ve rebuild successfully via the UI. Is there a way to consistently reproduce this native modules error?


Well, if you were running apm rebuild with Atom open, then yes, it wouldn’t just “pick up” the rebuild. You would have to restart Atom.