Including multiple 'apps' in one Electron app


Does anyone know if it is possible to include multiple iojs apps within 1 electron app, e.g.

(on OSX)

UI app:

Daemon app:

where the UI app is a standard Electron app that presents the ui in Chromium (browser/renderer process and all that), but the Daemon app is a simple iojs app that I want to run in the background and whose lifecycle is independant from the UI app.

If this is possible, how would you go about running the Daemon app using the iojs that is already bundled in electron?

e.g. daemon

or does everything have to reside under /app in Resources if you want to get electron to run the app?


Going to answer my own question here, but happy to be pointed in the right direction of a more ‘official/supported’ way of doing things.

At the moment, in app/main.js I simply call into the daemon app via require. Only issue I can see is that --harmony flags are not supported in the main process yet.