#include "(Why do I need a full file path instead of typing out the name of the file)"


Where it is marked red, I have to use the full file path. Why do I need to do this? I have the “Classes.h” file located in the same directory as “main.cpp”?


It is marked red because the linter you are using has identified it as an error. We need more information if you want help here, but a good thing to do is look at the specific error it’s telling you (mousing over should bring it up. If not, there should be a panel somewhere with a list of the linter messages).


The error states that file cannot be found. If I put in the full file path this issue disappears, my question is that how come I have to put in the full file path?


I don’t know. If you believe the linter is wrong, the first step would be to raise an issue on the relevant repo and let the maintainers there direct you.


It is not linter that is wrong, with this texteditor I have to put in the full file path of where Classes.h is located, with CodeBlocks for example, this is not an issue.


Atom (this texteditor) does not care about your C files. A package you are using evidently does. I believe it is the linter which is showing you the error. If this is not what you are referring to, please explain in more detail.


Oh, sorry I did not know, I will contact the devs then, thanks then