Include version information in App list


Because Electron evolved faster, and APIs changed after 1.0 release, so it’s better to include Electron version information in page
So people will be easier to adapt or compile those apps.


I can understand your desire to have as much information as possible on the apps built with Electron. I feel that providing accurate information on those apps should be the responsibility of the owners of them though. The best place for that is on the applications’ own websites.

Having incorrect information on the Electron application showcase page would be worse than not having the information on that page. Since keeping a copy of the Electron version used by over 200 apps accurate is a rather daunting task, we’ll have to stick with letting the owners of those apps making that information available on their own pages.

Not all of those apps are open source and the ones that are should have the proper build instructions available. I don’t think it should be the Electron team’s responsibility to make sure that they have proper developer documentation.