In Hyper-terminal, "atom ." command line now opens app-1.3.4 folder, not the folder i'm in

Hey guys. I’ve been using hyper-terminal as part of my training. at the CLI, typing “atom .” would open contents of the folder i was in. today, though, it’s opening \appdata\local\atom\app1.34.0. I did install Heroku as part of the training. Does that have anything to do?
Help is appreciated. Thanks.

So no matter what directory you’re in, running atom . will always open \appdata\local\atom\app1.34.0? Do you see the same behavior in safe mode or by clearing saved state (note that you’ll lose any unsaved data with this command).

Not sure how installing any programs related to Heroku would affect how Atom opens directories but I guess you never know.

Oh also, if you open a directory specifically by running atom someDirectory, does that open the correct directory?