In case you hadn't heard, atom-shell is being renamed "electron"



I’ll be renaming the category and updating references when the PR is merged.


Should have been “Quark”.


I prefer electron, personally. Quark sounds like something that Electron would use, or something made in Electron.


It bothers me that a real atom has many electrons while the Atom editor only has one Atom-shell. If there was a name for the core of an atom made up of the neutrons that name would be perfect.


The core of an atom is called the nucleus, pretty boring name if you ask me :sleeping:

And there’s also protons in the nucleus by the way


Hydrogen only has one electron…


And He+ :wink:


Oi, I said that first. :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel so bad for any future people who try to search for “atom electron” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This works well as atomic electron orbitals are often referred to as electron shells.


And the new name makes a big splash:


This has now been merged and the repository renamed:


Could I use this opportunity to ask about a roadmap for Electron? As some of us write code that is more and more intricately linked with Electron, it would be nice to know where things are headed. For example, I would like to know what the plans are for the clipboard API.

Thanks, and thank-you for Electron!



So far as I know, the Atom team hasn’t published a roadmap for Electron. Also, the roadmap for Atom, while it is a good indicator of intentions, the landscape changes so fast and so many external contributions are coming in that things will change far more rapidly than the roadmap would imply, since the roadmap only tracks the core team’s efforts.


Can we have a comparison sheet vs Nodewebkit.
EDIT: Ah we already have one here :