In Atom, Is there a way of getting jumping brackets


Hi, Is it posible to get animated jumping brackets. QT Creator has them so I made a vid showing them:


Looks like your video is unavailable @opelnicke?


its fixed now


Thanks but I’m still unsure what the functionality is? In the video I see a single bracket getting highlighted but I’m not sure why from watching the video. Is the bracket getting highlighted because your cursor is on the matching bracket?

If so, Atom does highlight matching brackets but not in that animated way by default. There seems to be a number of community packages that enhance the matching though:✓&q=bracket+match

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I took a look and I think what @opelnicke is trying to get at is that when you select the bracket it “pulses” (grows slightly bigger before shrinking again).


Yea. Do you know of a way to get growing brackets ? Tried to find it but cannot find any good one.


From the search I linked to above, I tried this package:

And the behavior looks like this:

There’s a number of other packages that look like they do other types of enhanced highlighting but that one seems pretty similar to what you want?


I saw that one but i did not think it was very good. It does not acctualy make the brackets jump. Just puts som color arround them and makes the color jump. It is not realy what i am looking for.


Lol sorry, I’ve been reading “grow” as “glow” I think, I see what you’re both saying now.

It sounds like you’ve already looked through the community packages and nothing there was quite what you’re looking for. Hopefully if someone else in the community has a package they use that might help or if they have other suggestions, they’ll chime in.


The way that the bracket highlights work is through the Atom API called Decorations. Decorations can only affect the background of the text, not the text itself. So one could do something similar to the “jumping brackets” animation but the bracket itself wouldn’t “jump” or “bounce”.

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