In Atom, how do I "save as" an HTML, CSS, and so forth?


I have tried to save my files as an HTML and as a CSS, however, it wouldn’t let me. The only option I have to save my files is as All Files (.). Is there a package or anything else I could use that would allow me to download my files the way I would want? I don’t want to sound like a noob, but I definitly am one. I just downloaded Atom, today. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!


If you save a file with a .html extension (among others), then Atom should treat it as an HTML file. The same goes for a .css extension and CSS. If you want to take a random text file and have Atom treat it as a file of a certain type, you can use the Grammar Selector towards the right of the status bar. (It probably says something like “Plain Text”.) Or you can use Ctrl+Shift+L to bring up the Grammar Selector dialog.


You cleared up my problem in less than 10 minutes after I posted the question. Everything is working great! Thank you, very much!


Mine still won’t save as .html?


What happens when you try to save the file?

It might help if you made a recording so that you could show us.


Totally new to Atom, but also having this issue. I’m not given a choice of file formats to choose from. Only an ability to save as and select location for file. Atom will only save it as a TextEdit doc.


All you have to do is type in a file extension. The file will be whatever type you give it.


Thank you.