Improve stdout logging output



Calls to console.log are output in my terminal as

[11724:0719/121126:INFO:CONSOLE(109)] “Some Messsage”, source: /Users/me/MyProject/file.js (109)

Apart from that I prefer a less verbose and more readable output, I noticed that it only logs the first argument to console.log(). All other arguments are ignored.

Did I miss something or is it supposed to be like that? What do you recommend to improve the logging output to include all arguments.

I would like to use the npm debug module but that only seems to be working in the main app process file and not in a window process.


If you console.log from the main process, it will log to the terminal yes. But if you console.log from the renderer process it will log to the console in the dev tools and it will behave just like you would expect.

If possible try to run most of your code in the renderer process. You can find a nice discussion about why here: Electron App Database File Structure/Code Structure


console.log from the renderer is mirrored in my terminal output in the format I described. Is that not supped to happen?

The output in the dev tools console is ok.


I don’t know if that’s supposed to happen, haven’t developed for Electron in a while (it was still called atom-shell when I did for the last time…). If you really need the output in the console, I suppose you could ask over at the electron repo if they can somehow improve the logging.


Ok thanks I’ll do that then