Implemented: tabs in sidebar!

Hey guys,

Having come from Sublime, one of my favorite things was that it would list my open files in the sidebar, instead of as horizontal tabs above the editor:

open files in sidebar

While theoretically the Atom devs are on board with such a feature, there hasn’t been any progress on that issue in almost a year. The closest thing I could find was tree-view-open-files, which is kind of buggy and not updated often. So I wrote a tiny little script for myself that simply moves the tab bar element into the side bar: dbkaplun/atom-tabs-in-sidebar

Right now it’s a few lines you have to add to styles.less and, but hopefully this can be implemented as a plugin, or maybe even as an option for atom/tabs. Comments/concerns/PRs welcome. Let me know what you guys think!

This is a duplicate of the previous topic:

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No it’s not. I wrote something completely new and wanted to share it with the community!

Ok, I’ve made that more clear in the title and category :grinning:

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Nice start - it seems to have some issues with the current tab depending on the selected theme though. I’ll be interested to see how it develops…

Is this on APM?

It definitely seems like something I’d like to try, although it’d be nice if the tree and local files were two separate panes.

Good start, but the font is tiny and the spacing is super tight on my system for some reason. I tried adding font-size to the css with no effect, but was able to clean up the spacing a bit with “line-height: 2; margin: 10px 0 10px 0;” I am using seti-ui theme.

Hi all,

I had some time this week and turned this into a proper plugin:

This solves my use case and has been working well for me for the past few days. It is nearly as simple as a plugin can get in Atom. Please feel free to test it out, file issues, PRs, etc.

Enjoy! :beer:


Hi, I installed your plugin but It didn’t work. It’s still showing my tabs on the top of the window. I tried to close and open again, and close all the tabs and create new ones but still doesn’t work.
Do I have to configure something to make it work?
Thank you!