Immediate display of file content when using project-wide symbols search


In Sublime Text 3, when you using it’s “Go to declaration” functionality, it opens a dropdown list with a results, just like Atom-symbols plugins does. But in Sublime, if you focus some found place in the dropdown, you will immediately see the actual content of that file. In Atom you need to press enter for that and if you realize, that that is not the place, that you need, you need to open symbols search again.

Is it possible to see found places immediately right now?


There isn’t a feature for that right now, that I know of. But there is an open Issue suggesting it. Unfortunately, I have to run to a meeting so I don’t have time to find it right now. I’ll see what I can do when I get back if nobody else has found it in the meantime :smile:


You meant this?


No, there is a GitHub Issue for the more specific behavior that you were describing.


Found it: