Images not showing from atom to github in markdown file


My markdown file in atom is not transfering images in to github via in a md file. The preview in atom looks good but when I open the md file in github I get no images and text still looks like html.

(Learning how to use both atom and github)


Hello wjlewis,


It sounds like you have something like this:

[text here](image_here.jpg)

Is the image a URL (https://image_here.jpg)? Or just a bare image filename (image_here.jpg)?

GitHub will need the image to be a URL pointing to a publicly hosted image, or you can include the image in your repository and use a relative path that way (put the image under the images/ folder of your project, then specify the image as images/image_here.jpg) … Or you can start drafting a comment somewhere on a GitHub issue or Pull Request, add an image to your comment, and copy the URL that GitHub uses to host said image and paste that into your markdown file.

I hope that helps, let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll try to help figure it out.

Best regards.

It’s just a bare image file name.

Here’s a pic.

I’m able to get the photo in the atom preview. Everything looks good until I try to open it un github as an module

Thanks again!

Hi again,

I think you would need to commit the image to your project if you want it to show on GitHub.

If you have a link to the GitHub project you’re working on, that might make it easier to tell what is going amiss.