I'm turning green! - color problem


my name is Daniel and i’m new here and new in HTML and CSS as well.

I have a problem with theme’s colors in Atom. May be it’s because I do something wrong in syntax somewhere but it makes me angry and cannot work well.

I’m working on my exercise and in one moment all syntax change the color to green instead class’ names or types or placeholder (pink). Everything is green. When i put one (") before for example everything back to normal. Help me, I’m turning green!

I reinstall Atom, make new project, copy and paste the same code and no problem right now. I don’t know what was wrong with that.

It sounds like you had an unmatched quote somewhere in there, but it’s impossible to tell without seeing your code (the literal code as you saw it in Atom when everything was green). If it happens again, take a screenshot and we might be able to enlighten you as to why.

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Messy code confirmed! Too much work in a single day :confused: Sorry about the spam!

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