I'm really not liking the changes to The One dark syntax theme


I was so shocked when Atom updated and I saw the new colors for The One dark syntax theme. The colors (and the window behind it) were so much better before. Now they’re brighter, which causes eye strain, and they’re also more washed out, which makes them harder to identify.

Please consider changing them back :frowning:


@simurai is the driving force behind the One themes. I’ll let him comment :smile:


FWIW I like the most recent changes. I would like it to stop changing though. Having to adjust to a slight color change every other week is getting a bit annoying.


You could fork the One themes and have your own versions. That way you could control exactly what changes are added and what aren’t.


I actually like the recent changes. The subtleness of the colors before were my only gripe with the theme, and now they look very clear and precise.

But I agree that those themes shouldn’t change too often. At some point the author might consider creating a separate variation theme instead.


I suppose if I had to do that I could—if the theme isn’t going to change very much. Although disappointing, because I thought the theme was beautiful and perfect before.


If you forked your own copies, then you could revert your copies to the older version too :grinning:


Ya, it’s pretty hard to find a single default. People just have different tastes and use it in different environments. Here the reasoning behind the changes. And here a couple options to keep the old versoin, (like forking).

And yes, once One reaches 1.0, there shouldn’t be too drastic color changes anymore.


For those interested, there’s a bit of a discussion on the issue/complaint that prompted the change.


Before I read this topic, I felt the default Dark One is good enough to me and I was lazy to try other themes.

But now, I have changed my [Settings > Themes > Syntax Theme] into “Base16 Tomorrow Dark” after comparing the two.

I read the pull and the issue. I was not persuaded.

But I think it will be futile to reverse the progress of a theme separating its way from its origin.

Then let it.

simurai said, One Dark is originally based on “Base16 Tomorrow Dark”. However, it has evolved so much and I don’t believe they are in the same family anymore.

Even if you roll it back by one or two versions, it is still very different from Base16.

If you find “Base16 Tomorrow Dark” preferable, then our question may become: Which is better for more users as the default Syntax Theme of Atom?