I'm looking for Specific functionality


I recently began to learn how to code. I was looking for an editor that was able to render my code as i go in a double window type setup. Is there an option available?


You haven’t specified a language you’re looking for.


I’m currently just using HTML and CSS but will be using javascript, python, jquery


You will find yourself wanting different tools for these languages as they work to achieve different goals. There are subdomains of each of these that have different previewing and testing needs and you are going to have to be receptive to learning the uses of multiple tools.

When you are writing HTML with CSS and basic JavaScript (including display libraries like jQuery), you don’t need anything fancy. The package browser-plus creates a browser in Atom and can preview your code.

Stay flexible, though. The site codepen.io gives you an isolated sandbox with strong feedback about your code (and live previewing), and can be very useful for developing specific features and items on your page. Part of the utility of the site is being able to share your code with others, and that alone is worth using the site in addition to your editor.

If you graduate to writing web applications with Node, you may need to have a server constantly running. At this point, you should know enough about the command line to make use of a tool like browsersync, which you can automate with the Atom package process-palette.

For Python, you might be interested in the hydrogen package. Since Atom can’t run Python, you will need to download and install the version you want.


Thank you. That’s all the information I needed. Thanks a million!