Im facing error while writting letter L with # and without #



What’s the problem?


above image if u see that in beautiful soup the small letter L is shows differntly when i put the # and with out #


No, I don’t. Or do you mean it’s in italics? A # is the comment character in Python, and the theme you are using puts comments in italics.

Add this to your styles.less file if you want to disable italics

atom-text-editor .syntax--comment {
  font-style: normal;


when i written that syntax it shows the syntax error


What do you mean? Where did you put it?


i had wriiten in starting of the program


It might help to use Google translate to write the question in your native language, and provide the English translation too. As it is, your comments have been vague and unhelpful.

  1. Start here:

  2. Inside special Atom file add:

  3. SAVE + TEST


thanks igot the result