Ignoring .apm from git repo for user settings



I’m not sure I need to keep the .apm folder in my git repo of my settings? Seems to just include the raw packages and they then get pushed to the packages folder?

Would probably tidy up and decrease the size of my repo a bit.


Maybe you want to sync the .amprc file that’s in there, but otherwise it’s just a cache (I don’t really know what for)


I decided to just investigate and I’ve cut it down to this:

storage compile-cache dev .npm .node-gyp .apm node_modules

The only thing to remember is that excluding node_modules will do it for all of your packages and so you want to run npm install over them all when you clean your local copy of the repo.


I primarily use Windows so I’ve got a boxstarter script that does this for me. For reference:



Yeah I’m not bothering with .amprc as it’ll be platform specific :slight_smile: Thanks though