Ignored keybinding after update to 1.3.2



I am experiencing strange behaviour with atom and keybindings. This started after I updated Atom from 1.1 to 1.3.2.

None of my custom keybindings show up in the Key Binding Resolver neither in Settings/Keybindings. Weirder, some of them stopped working after update, some of them still do and some of them work even though I removed it from the keymap.cson at all.

How can I find out what is wrong?

See how my keybindings are not found:

Edit: Behaviour is the same with atom --save

Edit: I fixed this by removing the empty keybindings on lines 20 and 29, as the debug console (cmd+alt+i) suggested.


See how the keybinding still works, even though the resolver doesnt see it (it works after I remove it from keymap.cson too):

(“New users can only include one image in a post.” Guess there is a reason for it?)


I have discovered the troubleshooting page: https://atom.io/docs/latest/hacking-atom-debugging and checked the console. It said "Empty command for binding: .atom-workspace .atom-text-editor:not(.mini) cmd-<". When I delete it, all shortcuts work again as expected.

That however only fixed my first issue. The keybinding resolver still cannot see my shortcuts being activated (as the gif shows).

Can it be that Atom is trying to guess what the english keyboard alternative would be? I am using a different keyboard layout where “[]” keys are actually “ú)”. This is the reason why I did the custom mapping in the first place, but I can see it now working even without it. Guess that’s a good thing.


The last item you mention is a known issue with international keyboards: