Ignore folders to display in tree view


Is there any way to ignore to display certain types of folder which i dont want to see in tree view?


Open Settings and scroll down to the Ignored Names setting.


but there we can only add file extensions I am asking about folder


No, they are anything you like. Try it, and see.


Actually, none of the examples are file extensions. .git is used to hide the .git/ folder in git repos, and .hg/ and .svn/ fill the same roles for Mercurial and Subversion. .DS_Store and Thumbs.db are throwaway files used by Mac, and desktop.ini is a throwaway Windows file. ._* is used in a variety of hidden files. If you want to add a file extension, you have to start it with a glob like *.txt.


thanks for the help but if i have 4 folders

  1. A_folder
  2. B_folder
  3. C_folder
  4. D_folder

if i want to hide :- 1. A_folder
3. C_folder

And show:- 2. B_folder
4. D_folder

Will it work


Try it and see. It does work.


thanks it worked