If (null) continues


Hi All,
I have an issue with eslint so I’ve decided to debug it.
I’m not an expert with JS nor Atom so I debug with console.log()
Please review the picture I’ve uploaded. (code and console)
It seems to me the if statement continues with the null value, what am I missing?



I’m trying to search the ESLint documentation for ruleValidators.get() and not finding anything. Have you changed the name of that object?


No, It is eslint package in node_modules (4.17.0)
Why do you need the documentation?
Do you have an idea about the if that return true although the validateRule is null?


I don’t have any ideas, which is why I was looking at the documentation to see what ruleValidators.get() is supposed to respond with.



I think you didn’t understand me,
I have a problem with the eslint loading in Atom.
C:\Users\Jonathan\Desktop\proj\node_modules\eslint-config-rallycoding\rules\react-a11y.js: Configuration for rule “jsx-a11y/label-has-for” is invalid: Value [“label”] should be object.

Seems the issue from here


This is something you haven’t mentioned before. Where do you see this message appear? A screenshot of it would be helpful.


It relate to this issue that the sulotion is not working for me.


You’re looking in the wrong file. config-validator.js is what’s throwing the error, and the text of the error tells you to look in rules\react-a11y.js for jsx-a11y/label-has-for. Which, in the copy of the package I just downloaded, is 'jsx-a11y/label-has-for': [2, ['label']]. According to the error message, that’s wrong, but I don’t know what it should be.

So the problem is not Atom or ESLint. The problem is specifically that one rule in eslint-config-rallycoding. That package hasn’t been updated in a year and doesn’t have a public repository, so I wouldn’t feel too confident about getting them to fix it. Best to uninstall that package and look for something else, unless you feel up to fixing and republishing it.


Thanks, I’ll try to continue from here